Our Approach

Technology, Research & Risk Management

Given that technology is our most powerful asset, we built a system that tracks continuous market data in real-time. The system helps us build different models that capture relationships between different market indicators. By harnessing our technology, we seek to optimize our system and capture better asymmetrical risk/reward opportunities.


Computing power to process continuous data in real-time


Designing models to capture relationships between market indicators

Risk Management

Optimizing our system to capture better risk/reward opportunities

Welcome to 514 Capital

514 Capital Partners, a member of 180 Capital, is registered with the Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA). We develop proprietary and systematic trading models. Our line of work merges together research, technology, and risk management. We seek to quantify market sentiment through an approach that incorporates measures based on proprietary and technical factors that serve as trend-indicators for short-term and long-term price direction in global markets.

The team has significant experience in business building, technology, and financial markets. It blends different skills, perspectives, and personalities.

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