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“514 Capital is an investment adviser established in 2012, registered under the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)”.

We develop quantitative models that trade over 25 major liquid global markets namely fixed income, indices, currencies, and commodities.

514 Fund, the firm’s flagship Fund, trades in markets that present the best asymmetrical risk/reward characteristics. The Fund seeks to achieve capital appreciation through an attractive risk-adjusted return while bearing a low correlation to traditional equity and fixed income investments. It follows a predominantly trend-following, systematic trading strategy that aims to capture performance from both long and short positions.

514 Doctrine

Intersection of Finance & Psychology

Our edge stands at the intersection of finance and psychology. We believe that price trends, especially powerful ones, can be exploited at an early stage through the identification of behavioral biases.

These biases create opportunities for systematic managers like us. We are dependent on a data-driven algorithmic investment process that trades unemotionally.

The team has significant experience in business building, technology, and financial markets. It blends different skills, perspectives, and personalities.
We are absolutely committed to building a research-backed technology to optimize trading models, capture market opportunities, and develop risk management strategies.
"514 Capital Partners"
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